Installing Magento on Local Server and AMPPS

Recently I decided to switch from MAMP to AMPPS for local development in Mac after reading various articles.

Installing/Uninstalling AMPPS in MAC is very easy and almost effortless. The AMPPS installation guide explains it very well. Uninstalling AMPPS on mac is just removing the directory AMPPS.

While working with AMPPS, I did run into the issue of mysql is not starting few times. After searching on this topic, I followed the following the thread and deleted mysql-bin.* mysql-bin.index, ib* from /Applications/AMPPS/var/ and restarted mysql
In one occasion, it worked alright and I could start mysql.

However, in a different occasion, even after removing the above mentioned files, mysql will still not start (restarted apache, ampps). In this scenario, I had to delete AMPPS installation, re-install the AMPPS folder in the Application folder of mac and restarted mac. It worked like a charm.

While installing manually installing Magento, Magento expected php extension like php_ctype_alnum, php_iconv and php_mycrypt. I downloaded php_mycrypt.dll from , untared and unzipped and placed the .dll file in ampps/php/ext. Then I went to Ampps control center, clicked on php->Php Extension. In Php Extension, I enabled
The other two php extensions are available in Ampps. I needed to enable the php extensions and by going to Ampps->Php-> Php Extension.

After this, Magento installed without any issue.

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