270 Degree View of Phoenix Fashion World

Phoenix downtown View from Degree 270. Photograph by Rosemary Woods

From the fourteenth floor of Talking Stick Resort, I could get a view of the Phoenix city and the Camelback mountain. The sun was setting, the western sky was turning into the blood red sky that inspired expressionist artist Edvard Munch to paint “The Scream”. However, my feeling was very different from what Munch felt in that evening. There was no feeling of anxiety. “The color shrieked”..but with excitement.  

Inside the room of Degree 270 on the fourteenth floor lounge of Talking Stick Resort, there was a feeling of anticipation and passion. The venue could not have been better for hosting Garment District event for twelve emerging designers who are going to compete for Phoenix Fashion Week Oct 2012.

When I reached Degree 270, it was already crowded. I knew Lauren (Pfingstag, PHXFW) won’t be there for the event, so I did not try to find her in the crowd. At the gate of Degree 270, I was greeted by Brian (Hill, Executive Director PHXFW).  He was taking the extra effort to greet each guest for the evening. I was trying to spot another of my friend, photographer Rosemary Woods but since it was already late, I thought of spending my time to learn about the emerging designers and their brands. I did finally meet Rosemary while she was taking runway photos. I thought of sharing one of her beautiful pictures taken from the balcony of Degree 270, a picture of the  Phoenix city lights with Camelback mountain casting a shade to the evening sky resembling Munch’s Painting.

I have been impressed by all twelve emerging designers who are going to compete for the top position in Phoenix Fashion Week in October. They are talented, they are motivated and they are passionate about their brand. I thought of concentrating on few of the brands instead of learning about them all, at the same time.  All of them are featured in Phoenix Fashion Week brochures.

Designs by Eye Thread

Designs by Eye Thread

EYE Thread : The branding tagline of EYE Thread says it all, “Express Your Existence … A Collection Made in the USA”.  EYE (Express Your Existence) Thread is a luxury brand specializing in couture clothing and handbags. The leather materials are hand picked from small vendors all over USA and sometimes the pieces are one-of-a-kind. EYE Thread collections are made in USA and showcase talent and creativity of US artisans.

EYE Thread believes in quality and branding. The signature clothing line of EYE Thread is designed in-house and assembled by certified couture seamstress trained at ESMOD (International Fashion University Group), the famous fashion school with a foundation in France since 1841. The EYE Thread clothing line uses materials such as silk, chiffon, charmeuse and leather and creating a garment specifically for you. According to EYE Thread, “we appreciate clothing as an art and look forward to providing an opportunity for you to “Express Your Existence””.

EYE Thread is not only about a brand or a business, it is also about building a community. As a part of their ethical practices, EYE Thread supports a variety of small businesses, independent artists and artisans. To EYE Thread, it is about building strong relations and growing together.

Designs by Suzanne Lay

Suzanne Lay : Bright Color, bold look. This is the signature style of Suzanne Lay’s design. Although this St. Luis based designer started her signature clothing line in 2009, fashion design was not new to Suzanne Lay who already worked as an assistant with Zhandra Rhodes in London, and as technical designer in Lord and Taylor. Her designs have been worn by celebrities like Cassandra Hepburn, Tiania Gunadi, Karen David and Viviana Vigil. Suzanne Lay’s designs reflect her own understanding of fashion “a outward expression of inner-self inspired by the things you love”. Through her design she tries to provide a sense of comfort and inner peace while keeping up with the hectic pace of modern life. The collection she presented in Phoenix Fashion Week was chic, sexy and elegant, well suited for modern women … warm, courageous and confident … women who know what they want.

Bri Seeley Design

Bri Seeley : The designer Bri Seeley learnt how to sew from her grand mother in the rural Minnesota and turned those lessons into passion which ultimately drove her to create her own style of clothing. She completed a Bachelor of Science in Apparel and Textile Design from North Dakota State University and  then spent two years living in Florence, Italy attending the Accademia Italiana and obtained her Master’s Diploma in Fashion Design. Her passion of historic designs and her love of nature blends into her creations which are best described as American made, contemporary vintage inspired fashion.

Designs by Shawl Dawl

Shawl Dawl : Los Angeles-based designers Roshena Chadha and Julie Cruz created Shawl Dawl to inspire women to be creative with her fashion. With their unique line of shawls and wraps, Shawl Dawl creates a sense of sophisticated confidence while maintaining a sense of practicality. Shawl Dawl’s convertible shawls can be worn in more than fifteen ways. With its collection of shawls, cover-ups and wraps, Shawl Dawl offers multiple looks with the same shawl, cover-up or wrap, transforming a woman’s look from casual to dressy, day to night. Shawl Dawl keeps a video at their website for those who wants to try out techniques of wearing shawls in multiple ways.



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